The Open Mapping Hub Asia Pacific (the Hub) is committed to supporting the emergence and evolution of women leaders within the OSM ecosystem and beyond. Towards that commitment, the Hub has launched She Leads and She Inspires, a training and professional development opportunity that aims to support women to become OSM community leaders, gaining skills in geospatial data and technologies, decision making, digital leadership, needs identification, and team building.

The program has been designed with, by, and for women in (or hoping to step into!) leadership roles within their communities.

The program is split into three core components:
I) A 2-day intensive workshop where participants will hear from experienced and inspiring women leaders from the geospatial ecosystem (18-19 December 2021)
ii) Month-by-month learning topics that include interactive training and personal assignments (January - June 2022) iii) A group led, co-created community-based project guided by a group mentor (January - June 2022)

What’s included?
Participants will be led through a series of inspirational talks and training activities hosted by a range of geospatial professionals in leadership positions in the humanitarian sector, and beyond.

Participants in She Leads & She Inspires, will receive training and mentorship in:
i) Solutions based leadership
ii) Introduction to OpenStreetMap (OSM) and basic Geospatial Information Services (GIS)
iii) Needs identification and informed decision making
iv) Project & people management
v) Communication and networking skills
vi) Advanced GIS and remote sensing 

Participants will undergo four components each month.  One for the peer-to-peer/mentor session, a special session with our esteemed trainer, and an opportunity to work together in their group community project.

From January to June, participants will take part in monthly training sessions. These sessions will cover the following topics: 

January: Building an inclusive team
February: Identifying challenges
March: Project planning for impact
April: Finding the voice of a leader
May: Developing Solutions based leadership
June:  Turning Skills to action

On each of these topics, there will be inspiring trainers from all over the world to share their insights and knowledge with participants. The participants will then have the opportunity to respond to a local challenge in collaboration with their peers. Together, with the mentors and the hub, they will be evolving community-based projects to apply the new skills they have learned.  

All participants will each be assigned a mentor who will support them from January through to June. The mentor is trained in giving them the best support they can.
A mentor is there to:
- Support participants through their participation in She Leads and She Inspires
- Support participants through their community-based project
- Enable focused conversation targeted at helping the group achieve their goals
- Shares their experiences to give the mentees new perspectives
- Empowers the mentee to find their own solutions and think freely 

Participants are divided into groups of seven or eight. In these teams, participants will be free to explore and apply the skills that they’ve learned during the program in a community-based project each month. Based on the training agenda, there will be set monthly assignments that will enable participants to evolve their community project as a group.

The project evolution will begin with team building and challenge identification (January - February); progress to solutions, project planning, and partnership building (March-May); and end with the development of a proposal / white paper that communicates the potential impact of their work. There will also be the opportunity to apply for the community project to be funded beyond She Leads & She Inspires. 

The Open Mapping Hub is committed to supporting the emergence of the participants as OSM Champions and will provide any necessary support.

COMING SOON: Meet our mentors!